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"The Super Bundle"

All 3 documents (will, living will, and power of attorney) for you and your spouse. Six documents at a cost of $25 per document.


"The Bundle"

All 3 documents for one person only.



Any individual document.


Our Prices

Although we think you'll find our prices to be quite reasonable, we don't like to emphasize what a bargain you are getting. We'd rather draw attention to the quality of the documents we produce. We use the exact same template for these documents that we have used to protect our own families, and we have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Most people purchase all three of the documents we offer as a bundle. But, you are certainly welcome to purchase individual documents for a flat cost of $50 per document.

Making Changes to Documents

Upon purchase of your documents there is a 14-day window during which you can make changes to your documents. After that time, the documents remain available to you, but they are "locked down". Documents can be unlocked for a nominal fee of $5 per document.

So, if in a year or two you have another child and would like to update your will, you simply log in to your TrustedWills.com account and unlock the will. A married couple can update both wills in just a few minutes for only $10! It couldn't be easier!

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